This web site collects together a few ideas, demos, and experiments.

I am interested in sailing, and electronics. I also have an interest in PIC micro controllers, after using one to turn on a cassette recorder to record the Radio 4 Shipping forecast while on a yacht away from the marina. My old page from BTInternet

My Microchip ideas and demos

Guest book - add a link to your web page about PICS.
 Proportional Load Share - endpoints Picked in Proportion
 Sine Wave generation - a way
 Sine Wave generation on a 16F628
 Poly Phase Sine waves
  Poly Phase Sine waves selecting RGB and SVG demo
 code scrap book
Multi process code on a Microchip PIC micro controller
Radio Control Servo Tester
  Modified LudiPipo serial programmer that works with 16F84, 16F628, 16F876 and 16F877
  Serial LCD demo
  A serial Monitor to poke and peek internal files on a PIC
  Character based LCD modules
  A Demo of an LCD Epson EA-X24017AR modules based on a SED1300 controller.
 An 8 pin frequency counter
 PIC16F676 Solar Garden light Logger experiment
 JavaScript demo of Two Button Shipping forecast timer demo
 One Button Shipping forecast timer for PIC12F675
 JavaScript demo for One Button Shipping forecast timer for PIC12F675
 JavaScript demo of One Button Digit input demo
 One Button Digit input demo for PIC16F628