This web site collects together a few ideas, demos, and experiments.

I am interested in sailing, and electronics. I also have an interest in PIC micro controllers, after using one to turn on a cassette recorder to record the Radio 4 Shipping forecast while on a yacht away from the marina.

My ADSL is super after I disconnected the Bell Wire - UK

Here are a few pages written to get the ideas off my chest. They have not been pier reviewed.

Interactive Telecom Models using JavaScript

Here are a few webpages that use Javascript to model various telecom related maths. You can edit the form values and re evaluate the page. Some pages use Forms and the Javascript re-renders bits of the web page using innerHTML. Some are best stored on your computer and edited with a text editor and reopened in the web browser. Use View source to see how they work. I use Microsoft IE 5 & IE6 to run these.

WHY? - Javascript is free and available to most most people who use web browsers. It is an ideal language for rapid prototyping an idea and web pages are good for documenting the idea. The source code and the IPR can be shared easily using email and websites. Javascript has easy to use string handling and powerful objects and simple to use associative arrays of objects. You can use simple graphics for bar graphs and status displays. The more complicated concepts can be hidden in the well commented source code stored with the web page. Common config data and functions can be included from remote sites using JavaScript include files. For some problems, I used to use AWK, I now use webpages and Javascript as they can be run from a web site or local directory.

  Calculate telephony Circuit occupancy using Erlang's B formulae
  Leaky Bucket Load share example
  Interactive Leaky Bucket Restrictor Model.
  Leaky Bucket Load share example 2
  Leaky Bucket Load share example 2 - more buckets and proportions
  Leaky Bucket Load share example 2 - experiment - does not work
  Pick Random simulation.
  Routing Data Tester.
  Routing Data Tester - GW ring.
  Routing Data Tester - Lattice.
  Routing Around for a common understanding

Call Generation Theory thoughts

Here are a few thoughts about call generation.

  Thoughts on Call Generation
  Call Generator Simulation from Multiple Sources using Neg Exp traffic.
  Call gen by Inter Arrival Time - distribution plotted
  Call Routing Theory

Theory and modelling

Here are a few pages written to get the ideas off my chest. They have not been pier reviewed.

  Telephony Hybrids as 2x2 Matrices
  Multipath Simulation of frequency response