some more demo tries

booking system - demo

Updateable Club Race Results

Updateable Notice Board

Updateable Notice Board - with update form

Gant Chart demo

Guestbook logging Favorites

Code Scrapbook

Webpage includes links found:- ADSL links / Favorites

Garden solar Light

Garden Solar Light Logger - Daily Counts.

Garden Solar Light Logger - Daily Counts.

Plot Solar cell measurements using SVG graphics (Does not work in Microsoft IE )

ePinboard - for Beer festival (Only works in Microsoft IE5 )

A table that can be created from an upload of CSV data. Each row can also be edited.

Table | Table - allows updates and uploads | Dump of all posts

I wrote this essay for the TCN, who gave me a special commendation prize.

Community Groups communicate using the Web
- A need for a simple booking system on the web.

my Essay (MS word 97 )


A booking system - demo

A Perl and JavaScript based Visitor Counter

Various ways of displaying and sorting gbookFXXX.js

Simple ways of displaying gbookFXXX.js

Add data to using the simple form

Here are various ways of displaying and sorting gbookFXXX.js. This is all done by your web browser using javascript.

Guestbook ( code )
Guestbook-last entry first ( code )
Another Guestbook - last entry first
and gbookFXXX.js

Or variations of the Sorted Guestbooks:


Sorted + update form ( code )
Intelligently Sorted + update form ( code )

Sortable tables - remembering last sort order

Sortable tables - remembering last sort order - All guestbooks ( ~800 entries )

Collated using linked lists:

Collate data by userfield1 ( code )
tables of data by userfield1 ( code )
or tables of data by userfield1 + updates
Holiday Accounts update form

Or a Calendar showing when the gbookFXXX was updated.

Code scraps in gbookFcodeScraps.js

Remember, You include the guestbook data in the file:

In the classical approach, you would use a server side ASP script or PHP to get the data from the data base, and the server script would process the data and write HTML to the client.

In this approach, you can write a new page to process the data on the client.

What this means is that you can write and test new pages using a text editor and your web browser. You can use your favorate Web page editor to generate the HTML. All you need to know is how to get JavaScript to output this HTML, but guided by the data downloaded in gbookFXXX.js.

This would save you having to set up a server or continually being online and FTPing up the ASP or PHP script.

Of course, you lay your code and data a bit more open than a serverside script, but for simple get you going scripts, does this matter?

You save all that time learning ASP, PHP, PERL, MySQL. You save all that frustration of getting your head around the configuration of the remote server. If you use Appache, the pages can be password protected in the normal way.