Yacht Race Results

Club Race results. You may need to refresh this page to suck down the latest results. Update the results if you wish.

A club member could be given the URL of this page. Normal members would dowload a similar page, but without the update forms and links

All results uploaded are kept, and downloaded when loading this page. Do a SaveAs from Microsoft IE to your desk top to backup all uploaded data. Open the file gbookFRaceResults.js into a text editor to read the data . If too much junk data is uploaded you will have to prune this file back and FTP it back up.

Update form

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:Race Series
To add a race result, append the results to the end of the rows, below.-

Please reload/refreash the to get the latest updates. Please carefully edit the data.

The first row is the titles, the other rows are the boats/helms, please separate the columns using commas.

NOTE: Only the last entry is shown, but all your entries are kept.

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NOTE: This page is still in development.