The data from the guestbook is Collated by userfield1

This page uses an associative array gbA indexed by userfield1 gbA[ userfield1 ]

A linked list is used to prepend the latest instance of gbA[ userfield1 ].

The list is sorted before presentation.

See the data on this page dumped using decend()

Now print out the objects using recursive decent

JavaScript objects allow attributes to be added. A uniform open ended list is implimented by storing the attribute names in an associative array.

The value of object.attribute can be accessed using the associative array: object[ "attribute" ]

It is possible to itterate through the object using:

  var opStr
  for ( I in object ){
    opStr += I + "=" + object[ I ]+ "\n"
  alert( opStr )

Here is a dump of the data stored in gbA[] that is constructed as gbF() is called as this page is loaded. Use view source to see the source code for decend().