Website Bug Report and Work In Progress System.

Please use this to mark what bits of the web site that you are working on.

Generate a new fault, and make a suitable comment and mark it as open.

When finished mark it as fixed.

Doug Rice, Copyright 2002

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Please report any bugs or suggestions by creating a new fault. This is an example of an application that can be written using JavaScript running on the browser.


The following links allow you to display the data in the guest books. As the technology uses a guest book that appends data onto the end of the guest book, it will start to get redundant entries. Periodically, these need to be pruned.

When the data is used, gbA[ I ].used is set to true. These links generate a window of data formatted in the guest book format so that the data can be copied and pasted into gbookFBug.js and pushed back to the ISP.

Dump all Data above in format used in gbookFBug.js

Dump only Data displayed above or marked as used in format used in gbookFB.js

( This does not include all the data displayed in the history window, you need to change the code to do this. )

Doug Rice, Copyright 2002