eScrapBook / eWorking Records: Multi Table User Updateable data

The information in the table below is stored in gbookF.js.

To update the information, click on the hypertext link on the table row, and carefully edit the data in the pop up form. You may need to refresh this page to pull down a new copy of gbookF.js, and to show your updates.

You can edit this page to include other similar formatted guestbooks. This page includes ./gbookF.js downloaded with this page then includes HTTP://

This page uses my BT New Idea Entry of a guestbook that allows the user's web page to download the entries in a format that can be sorted, selected and displayed.

It is NewIdeaWare, if you like the idea, and could find it useful and offers a cost saving, please be a NewIdeaEvaluator and make me an award.

Copyright Douglas Rice, 2002