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Staff Rosta Display ( Simple Fault Tracker )

Fill in your availabilty, by clicking on the icons below, then click the button at the end, to update the guest book.

You may need to refresh this page to download the latest status.

Rolling Rosta - availablity for next week

Userfield3 is used to indicate the start day. states are shifted to align to the displayed week. History is not shown.

Data submitted to Guestbook:
Name ( userfield1 ):
Availablity ( userfield2 ): Stores list of image array indexes. Click on images in rows above to set this field Preview selected images...
start day( userfield3 )
( userfield4 )
Please enter any comments:-

The field below specifies the next page. it would normally be hidden. The response page puts it in a link. This page uses the value in parent.location.href


The contents of Availability( userfield2 ) is a comma separated list of counts. These counts index into the array of images and select a meaningful Icon.

To add more columns add more comma separeted counts onto the end of the Availability( userfield2 )

To add a person, edit click on an existing person and change the name to a new name.

Try and pick a person that matches the required availability best. To change the Column Titles, have a person called _titles, and in Availability( userfield2 ), put the columns lables as a comma separted list. If the count is bigger that the number of Icon, then the first Icon is used

Click on the ? after the name to show when the availability was last changed. Who made the change, when and any comment is displayed. If a pop up window was used instead of an alert box, then this could application could be used as a simple bug or error log. Each 'person' would be a name of a bug, and the icons could show the fault status. Add meaningful comments.

If you want to use this as a fault tracker, add meaningful comments and change the icons to new,fixed,closed. Change the Titles to fault, design, integration, test. Each team would have to upgrade the status.


The following links allow you to display the data in the guest books. As the technology uses a guest book that appends data onto the end of the guest book, it will start to get redundant entries. Periodically, these need to be pruned.

When the data is used, gbA[ I ].used is set to true. These links generate a window of data formatted in the guest book format so that the data can be copied and pasted into gbookEvents.js and pushed back to the ISP.

Dump all Data above in format used in gbookRosta.js

Dump only Data displayed above or marked as used in format used in gbookRosta.js

( This does not include all the data displayed in the history window, you need to change the code to do this. )

Doug Rice, Copyright 2002

Doug Rice, Copyright 2021

last modified: 30th April 2003