Multiple entry guestbook - allows multiple entries to be added

Sometime there are applications where you wish to update more than one entry in the guestbook. This page downloads a list of tickets, from the server, and allows the user to review and edit each ticket. The user can review all the updated data before submitting it to the server.

My current perl script allows the user to append one gbF() per submit.

This page and perl script appends more than one gbF() per submit.
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MultiForm using InnerHTML

InnerHTML allows bits of the page to be re-displayed, without a whole page load. This allows you to edit the data in a subforms, which are initilized with the data from gbA[].
Click on a link below to open a new initilized sub form.
When you have edited the data in all the sub forms press the link: "show updated entries" and then press the submit to save the data to the guestbook.

Update form to edit downloaded tickets:-

Of use the drop down box to select a sub form:
select Data


Subform of data:-

Control Fields (Normally hidden):-
guestbook. The form fields are appended to gbookFXXX.js
nextpage - replaces this form
loadnextpage - flag
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